Why aren't you all on Steemit?

I joined Steemit a few months ago. It's a new blogging site based on a community type interaction. Other bloggers will upvote and comment on your submissions and even resteem them. to get your ideas far and wide.

It's early days yet, but I believe this will be the new way for us all to interact after Facebook has lost so many to it's nosey government paid snooping.

Give it a go. It's free to join and did I mention you get paid?
You won't retire on it but it does make participation a lot more interesting.


You'll find me at @centaurmystic.
climb aboad. Everyone in welcome!

Farewell Facebook

 Today, my Facebook account was blocked. Apparently, the good people of Facebook believe they have a right to not only view my personal information to verify me, but also they force the using of a name we might prefer not to be available openly. Our user names were chosen with care. They represented who we actually were, to the friends we shared our lives with. Nobody on my Facebook at any time has ever thought I'm in real life a fucking sailing boat built in the sixties called 'Mystic." Not a fucking one.

No, what those names did do, was represent the real people we are while protecting us from aspects of our lives we preferred not to have access to ur personal interactions. Simple really, yet too simple for Facebook to grasp of course, since they became the data gathering tool of the NSA and others.

At no point in my life does the need to play angry birds or talk the usual crap to my friends online require me to give up my privacy.
We were there when all this socialising online first began. We were the trailblazers, happy to tolerate all the fuck ups as Facebook found it's feet.
Now Facebook, you have become some sort of governmental agency, spying and noseying on those same people that made you successful.

I have no problem and no option in telling you to "Go fuck yourselves."
If my membership of all these years without a single complaint isn't good enough for you I shall take my shit elsewhere. Byeeeee.

If there is anyone out there that feels a desperate urge to read my ramblings, I can be found on,
Steemit. A blogging system that actually pays it's members to post content, like and comment.
It doesn't bombard users with Advertisements and doesn't play overseer for the government either.

Steemit will grow and grow. It will develop and learn. What it will never be is the patsy that Facebook has become.




I joined Wattpad


 I've joined Wattpad and posted the first chapter of a book I'm working on.
It's free. Really, it's free.
Still a work in progress but I'll be uploading chapters as I finish them.


Passport? Why?

 This piece of paper I have to carry around with me everywhere I go is not for my benefit. It never was.

It is for the benefit of the gangsters that run the world. That chosen few that like us all to be numbered and accounted for, no matter where we choose to go on OUR world. Yes, OUR world. Not theirs. They own it only through force and intimidation, but the human animal must have every right to go where it likes and wherever it chooses to rest it's head.
I am not beholden to a country simply because I was born there. I'm not obliged to wave a silly little flag just to show some sort of spurious loyalty to a regime I have no input into.
The passport is a means to control and nothing more.

Borders should be the defining line for an invading army. It should be the point that anyone on the other side of that line might take up arms to protect their freedom and what is theirs, but there is no reason at all to monitor the free movement of the individual. It is nobodies damn business.


The second planet Earth

A ramble of course, expect nothing less but I was pondering in the dark last night. I assume you suffer the same problems and never sleep when a ridiculous notion enters your head.
We know there is a connection between the moon (which is the only celestial body called the Moon that isn't one) and the Earth. We have danced through the universe together for almost forever, but not quite.
There is a theory that the Moon was once part of the Earth and smashed off by the impact of another planet or large body.  Yet we have no evidence of what this object was or where it went after the impact.
Some believe the planet that impacted Earth merged into it and formed the current planet we now inhabit and some others that it soared off into space somewhere.
My late night theory, is that after the impact, both bodies jostled a bit as they seperated and with similar amounts of energy within two similar sized planets they took up opposite points of orbit around the sun.
Obviously, if both bodies were a similar size and density they would orbit at a similar speed and route around the sun.
We would never see it and have no indication of it's existance as it would always be hidden from view.
We have not come that far technically that we could even pretend to have the ability to see around the sun.
So what if it is there? Of what use would it be knowing it was there?

Well, if this other planet, made of the same stuff as Earth got its act together a few million or more years before we did and went through similar growing pains and development, then anything existing there would be significantly more advanced than ourselves.

Rather than worrying over a journey into deep space, perhaps they understand that just standing still in a point in their orbit would allow the earth to arrive in a mere 180 odd days. Moving in the opposite direction of the Earths orbit would of course reduce that time.
Perhaps they are the aliens that visit. An advanced civilization similar to us yet far more developed.
As I said, a late night ramble.

Happy New Year 2017 and all that

A part of me is telling me that, come what may, we should come out of 2017 better than we went into it.
People are significantly more aware of real issues and better informed of what is or isn't real and fake news.
My hope is that as a human race we kll off the parasitic oligarchy that currently lies and manipulates us and come together to build the world we know is possible.
The realist part of me suggests that this is the last year. They lost control. The endless wars for profit have been seen for what they are and the constant fear mongering of terrorism has been revealed as utter bullshit.
Now, they have no options. Globally, we have become more trouble than we are worth to them and this year they will remove billions of people in wars and disease to leave them enough peasantry to farm the fields and pour the wine.
I hope you all have a wonderful year in spite of it.

Tired of Microsoft and Windows?

There are other options and it doesn't need to be painful.
I recommend both Ubuntu and linux Mint.

Both these operating systems are easy to install and certainly equal or surpass windows 10.
Now that security from both viruses and government snooping is such a major part of life on the internet, Linux is a much more trustworthy system to protect your computer and your privacy.



My amazing writer love of my life

It must be in the news

Fidel Castro is dead and cremated. Well, if he isn't they've gone a long way to prove he is this time.
We can only hope now that Cuba can find a new way forward and step into the light of the world. This of course has to be on their terms as well as everyone elses and shouldn't be driven by what the USA or anyone else but the Cuban people wants.
In other news, Trump still looks set to be president of the USA.
Well folks you get what you wish for right?
As far as draining the swamp goes, he seems to have drained it. Now he's gathering all the shit from the drain hole and makiing his cabinet with it.

What I think about when I'm not building a book in my head

Best I write something aye?

How not to write a blog

I've had sooo many. But honestly, this one I shall keep up to date with all the crap I wont be wasting on Facebook.
To be fair, I lose motivation very quickly and in the current climate, common sense is met instantly with derision and insults. Ergo, I stopped bothering.
But I will, even just to get a lot of this crap out of my head I will keep posting mindless shit on here that might appeal to those that live in a similar universe.
I shall also be mentioning my books, in the hope that one day someone will see through all the typo's and just enjoy the story without feeling an urge to complain about the use of my Yorkshire verancular.
I shall also be sharing links to the work of my other half. she too writes, but she doesn't use crayon like myself and her subject matter can be a bit on the raunchy side.
In short, I have a new blog and I'm not afraid to point it at folk.

Greetings one and all.

Algarvalypto. A book.

Indeed. A book. A book by me about zombies in the Algarve and why not?



Today's spacial rambling, is the end of space. That point where if you flew your magic carpet as far as you could go through the known universe, then what?
I assume once we reach the edge of our known universe the unknown becomes known, at least at the point we have reached. Beyond that point is neither time nor any known reality just a void waiting to be expanded into.
Now, of course there is some assumption that our universe has covered all the area much like a drop of dye in a bowl of water that expands through the water claiming the area as it arrives.
But I believe there are gaps in our universe. Big gaps and tiny gaps that the dye has not reached and remains a part of the untouched timeless void. Of course, finding one and arriving at it would encompass it with in the known, unless there was something stopping the universe expanding into there. 

Mindless ramblings